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  • 08 Jan 2024
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Renowned Turkish Film critic and festival director Ihsan Kabil Joins Prestigious Jury Board for KLIFA Awards 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — The Kuala Lumpur International Film Academy (KLIFA) is pleased to announce the appointment of distinguished Turkish Film critic and festival director Ihsan Kabil, as a prominent member of the esteemed Jury Board for the highly anticipated KLIFA Awards 2024.

Set to take place from April 23 to April 28, 2024, at the prestigious Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysia, the KLIFA Awards are celebrated for their commitment to recognizing and honoring cinematic excellence on a global scale.

About Ihsan Kabil

Ihsan Kabil, a notable figure in Turkish cinema, is widely acclaimed for his significant contributions as a film director and producer. His body of work includes a series of influential films that have left a lasting mark on the industry.

Early Career and Contributions
  • Began his journey as a cinema consultant at the Cultural Office of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
  • Published his Master's thesis titled 'Redeemed Worlds: Bresson’s Pickpocket and Tarkovsky’s The Sacrifice' in a co-authored book 'Dream, Reality and Cinema.'
  • Involved in the international film community since 1997 as a member of various film festival juries.
  • Represented Turkey at Eurimages in 2005 and served at the European Audio-Visual Observatory in 2006.
Festival Directorships and Academic Contributions
  • Directed various film festivals in Turkey including The Unknown Cinemas Film Festival, The Developing Countries Film Festival, and others.
  • Served as a member of the Advisory Board at the Film Commission of Istanbul in 2010.
  • Established the Hayal Perdesi Film Workshop and lectured on Film Culture at Fatih Sultan Mehmet University.

Throughout his career, Ihsan Kabil has been a prolific writer, contributing to various periodicals and the newspaper Star.

Kabil's Role in KLIFA Awards 2024

With his vast and diverse experience in the world of film, Ihsan Kabil will be an invaluable addition to the KLIFA Awards 2024 Jury Board. His expertise and commitment to storytelling will enhance the evaluation process and contribute to the celebration of cinematic excellence.

KLIFA Awards 2024, guided by Ihsan Kabil and the distinguished members of the Jury Board, is poised to set new benchmarks in recognizing and celebrating the very best of global cinema. Cinephiles, filmmakers, and industry professionals from around the world eagerly anticipate this monumental gathering of cinematic talent.